So Glad You’re Here!

Welcome to the website! The one stop shop for sharing “real estate, design and inspiration”.  While the real estate market is continually changing, there are timeless questions that I’m asked, like; What color were the walls in that house? or How much did that house sell for? or (and here’s a popular one:) How’s the market?  The new website design gives me the opportunity to answer some of these questions as well as offer innovative information on the real estate market, with a dash of humor 😉 aims to answer these questions with categories such as:

Before and After: Wondering if you should paint your natural wood trim? Is it worth it to stage for sale?  Here you will find what we did to transform homes for sale… on a budget (with pictures)!

Things I’m loving Now: From farmhouse chic to ship lap to the return of brass metal fixtures. You’ll find everything I’m loving now here.

Market Reports: Whether you’re a novice, an investment pro or someone who is interested in knowing what is going on in the market, these monthly reports will fulfill your data intake quota.

What’s for Sale: The obligatory search option to find homes for sale is available with an option to receive daily updates as properties become available.

Stay in the know by subscribing to and let me know if there is anything you want to know more about! My commitment to helping my clients buy and sell real estate is and will always be my #1 goal.  Looking to buy or sell?  Staying in the know on these areas is just one way to prepare for the process.

Thank you for letting me share my love for real estate, design and inspiration with you!

Kristy B.