Sample Love Letter #1

Dear Buyer,
We moved into this house as newlyweds in 2001, and it has been a wonderful home for us. When we first walked in, we fell in love with the natural light, the beautiful old light fixtures and woodwork, and lovely backyard.
Built in 1897 by Isaac W. Brown, a rubber worker, this house was passed down through the Brown family until we bought it. We have always appreciated its history and worked hard to restore and maintain the period detail as much as possible.
This house is fantastic for entertaining large groups and for sharing Sunday morning pancakes around the kitchen table. There are cozy places to sit and read a book, and a living room with plenty of space – it’s even made a great dance floor! The garden beds have great rich soil (we’ve grown amazing tomatoes here), and the 100+ year-old trees in backyard are beautiful in every season.
This home has seen birthday parties and cook-outs, christening parties and baby showers, play dates and book club gatherings, and many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Our friends and family tell us that they always fell welcome and at home here, and we love how warm and comfortable the house feels to everyone who enters it.
In 2004, we brought our first baby home to a warm welcome (and even signs on our front door) from our neighbors, and four years later, his little sister. As our families live outside Massachusetts, our neighbors really became our family. Our kids play together, we help each other shovel out after storms and we trick-or-treat together. We will miss our neighbors the most when we move.
We sincerely hope the next owners of this home find as much joy in it as we have.