Before/After Sitting Room


Before | This room felt like unused space that you wouldn’t want to spend more than a minute in. Most buyers would think “what would I do with this room?”  After | Showed like a quiet reading nook or sitting area but more importantly, square feet that makes sense!

Painted trim and shelving: Benjamin Moore White Dove
Painted wall: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
Staged it as a sitting area with chair, side table, floor length sheer curtains and a few decorative items for the shelf and table.



Before/After Kitchen

Really, the goal was so simple… to make the appliances and countertops pop. With everything so monotone, nothing really stood out and it was all very blah. For less than $100, we created a more visually pleasing space which in turn attracted more buyers (eight offers to be exact!)
Painted Cabinets: BM* Revere Pewter
Staged with pops of lime green color
Added a cafe table to sell it as an eat in kitchen!
*Benjamin Moore
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Before/After Front Entryway


Painted the walls: BM* Wish (my new favorite color!);
Painted trim white;
Replaced blind with single white sheer curtain. Not pictured, but very pretty;
Staged empty dark entryway to look and feel like useable space with a small desk, chair and accessories.

*Benjamin Moore

Comment below for more information on how we did it, how much it cost or how I can help you do something similar!

Love Letters to Buyers… yes, buyers!

Love letters are not just for buyers trying to make their offer standout in competition; they’re also useful when marketing a property for sale. Before putting a property on the market, I give sellers “homework” (big meany). These assignments are things like finding extra keys or organizing files on services contracts and providers. Added to this list is a request to write a “love letter to buyers”. What is this? It’s a letter from your heart detailing all the reasons you’ve loved living in your home. Potential buyers LOVE to hear about the nearby parks, BBQs with neighbors, and local eateries. It’s also a great opportunity to positively highlight something that may be less desirable to a buyer, otherwise known as functional obsolescence. For example: You may want to comment on how much you’ve enjoyed the peaceful, fenced yard; if you live on a busy street or how about the convenience of walking to parks and downtown; if you have no yard.

No matter what it is that you want to share about your home, it should be authentic and speak to your target market. If you’re selling a home with four bedrooms, your buyers are likely to have children so calling attention to the relationships that you’ve created with other families will mean something to them. Writing about the updates to your home is a must, but communicating how they’ve made life easier or more enjoyable creates value.

Click here for some samples of Love Letters to Buyers written by some of my most talented sellers!

photo credit #jenbolithophotography

Functional Obsolescence

FUNCTIONAL OBSOLESCENCE: is a reduction in the usefulness or desirability of an object because of an outdated design feature, usually one that cannot be easily changed. The term is commonly used in real estate, but has a wide application.

IN OTHER WORDS: Features of a home that are not practical or desirable that typically affect the price negatively.

Walking through one bedroom to get to another;
Front stairs that are taxing for buyers to have to walk up to get into the house;
A two level home with only one bathroom… on the first floor

Before/After Living Room


Painted: BM* Revere Pewter;
Removed large cabinet and side chairs;
Changed the area rug;
Changed to white curtains;
Swapped out framed picture for mirror (Home Goods);
Added fresh flowers, throw pillows, new lamps and new side chairs (all from Home Good);
Sold as a “blend of formal and casual living with great light and good energy”.

*Benjamin Moore
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Grassroots Marketing

GRASSROOTS MARKETING: sometimes known as guerilla marketing, starts from the ground up. Instead of launching a message you hope will appeal to many people, you target your efforts to a small group and hope the group will spread your message to a much larger audience.

IN OTHER WORDS: It’s like panning for gold by finding creative ways to get the community involved in marketing and selling a home. The concept is to promote a creative idea that appeals to the right target audience and will ultimately have a successful impact on the sale of a home.

Host a unique event that gathers the public, like a pre-open house for the neighborhood;
Go viral by creating video that introduces a property while highlighting what it has to offer; and
Connect directly with current potential buyers and tell them about a new property for sale.

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Ahhh… The nosy neighbor.  You know the one.  As soon as she sees the ‘For Sale’ sign going up, she’s running to the computer to see the price and then letting everyone know her opinion on it. By the way, we love this neighbor. I mean…she is spreading the word!!  I’ve found that your neighbors are likely to go to work immediately letting everyone they know about the new home for sale across the street.

In fact, we want all the neighbors spreading the word so why not invite them to a private pre-open house for a “sneak peek”. Make it special! Serve champagne and sweets!

It’s grassroot marketing. 100-150 beautiful invitations with a professional picture of your home on the front and more listing information on the back is a unique way to introduce the property to the community. For starters, they want to see the house.  They want to determine the value of their home by comparing it to yours and… they’re nosy! As a Realtor, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and who better to ask?  Your Neighbors. Provided they are nice and saying only nice things 🙂 Lastly, it separates your home from others.  It says it’s worth a look and it’s worth the extra money!

Before/After Kitchen

Painted cabinets and trim BM* Pure White;
Replaced cabinet hardware;
Painted walls BM* Revere Pewter;
Applied epoxy on tile backsplash and wall (TY Porcelain Patch!);
Replaced white stove with stainless steel;
Installed stainless steel dishwasher (there was no dishwasher before!);
Installed Granite countertop (Balma Grey), new sink and faucet;
New overhead light;
Staged and sold it as an updated kitchen.

*Benjamin Moore

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Before/After Bathroom


White epoxy on tile and tub (thank you Porcelain Patch!);
Before we epoxied, we pulled out that odd metal drawer under the mirror and retiled that area (what is that thing?);
Painted radiator white;
Painted trim and door: BM* white;
Painted walls: BM Revere Pewter;
Polished vanity base;
Restored and reinstalled vanity hardware and doorknob;
New granite sink top, sink and faucet;
Replaced vanity mirror (Home Depot);
Added vanity lights (Home Depot);
New toilet (Home Depot);
Staged with just a few simple items and
SOLD as an updated bathroom!

*Benjamin Moore

For more information on how we did it, how much it cost or how I can help you do something similar, give me a shout!