Before | After Bathroom


BEFORE | Ok, this bathroom was so small that when you sat on the toilet your legs almost hit the bathtub. Because of the lack of storage, and my client’s love of beauty products, she added a cabinet about the toilet. This worked for her as a homeowner; but not so appealing to a prospective buyer. The sink was not so “pretty in pepto bismol pink”.

AFTER | We expoxied all the tile (the floor, walls and shower). Even the soap dishes attached to the wall were expoxied. It was easier to refresh them than to take them down and repair (or replace) the existing tile. We took down the wall cabinet; Replaced the sink and mirror and added lighting (all from Loews); Decluttered and added a while curtain.

Everyone loved the “adorable little bathroom” and it sold in less than 30 days!


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