Clean Room Program

When you are getting ready to sell your house there is a lot to do and think about, and keeping your home tidy should be at the top of the list. Why do it alone? I have a creative way to get the kids on board to help with the everyday messes… bribery!

If your child can be motivated by money (I know mine can!), I will give each of your children $50 for keeping their rooms clean, coats hung, toothpaste cleaned out of the sink and evidence of play, snack and homework gone for all showings.  Kids usually respond positively and clean after themselves. I am not their parent so they listen to me! I will also check in to make sure they have done their part and am always happy to talk to them directly if they need a little extra push in the right direction. Trust me, it works!

Contact me and learn more about my creative approaches to selling your house.

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