Epoxy Magic

Since starting my before/after posts I’ve had so many questions about epoxy paint on tile. Here’s why it works and how it’s magic. Painting or reglazing existing tile is way more affordable than replacing it and good luck trying to find a contractor to re-tile (if you’re out there… call meeeee). Use epoxy paint if your pepto-bismol pink tile is giving you a stomach ace; if your tub and tile are in good condition, but need an aesthetic makeover; if you can’t yet afford the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams or, and especially, if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive update to sell your home.

Epoxy paint compared to regular old paint is harder, lasts longer and is weather resistant. Standard paints are easier to apply
so you may be temped to save money and skip epoxy; don’t.  The most common room to apply it in is the bathroom where water and steam live. Even if you are preparing to sell, it’s a complete waste of time and money. The result of epoxy paint is magic. An instant update. The transformation is so bright and clean you may need to re-accessorize and why not with all the extra money you’ll have!

Always call a professional, but if the budget or job is small (like a kitchen sink or a small patch in a tub) a DIY is totally doable.  Most pre packaged kits are available at any local hardware store. Be prepared for the amount of prep work involved and carefully clean grout. If selling a home, I always recommend white or something light but there are lots of colors to have fun with.

Here is a before/after kitchen with epoxy paint. Share some of your favorite reglazing projects!


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