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Love letters are not just for buyers trying to make their offer standout in competition; they’re also useful when marketing a property for sale.  I give sellers “homework” (big meany).  These assignments are things like finding extra keys or organizing files on services contracts and providers.  Added to this list is a request to write a “love letter to buyers”.  What is this?  It’s a letter from your heart detailing all the reasons you’ve loved living in your home.  Potential buyers LOVE to hear about the nearby parks, BBQs with neighbors, and local eateries.  It’s also a great opportunity to positively highlight something that may be less desirable to a buyer, otherwise known as “functional obsolescence“.  For example: You may want to comment on how much you’ve enjoyed the peaceful, fenced yard; if you live on a busy street or how about the convenience of walking to parks and downtown; if you have no yard.

No matter what it is that you want to share about your home, it should be authentic and speak to your target market.  If you’re selling a home with four bedrooms, your buyers are likely to have children so calling attention to the relationships that you’ve created with other families will mean something to them.  Writing about the updates to your home is a must, but communicating how they’ve made life easier or more enjoyable creates value.

click below for sample of love letters

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Kristy M. Bonaventura, Realtor

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