Don’t get too excited… It sold already!

Ashcroft Road, Medford
I love selling real estate and this is a particularly exciting time to be doing it. The market is hot!!
Homes are selling before most buyers enter the address in their GPS.

This property in Medford just closed.  It  sold at an open house during an unforeseen snow storm… which is stressful in itself.  What if no one can get out?  What if they think it’s cancelled?  Should I cancel it?  Who’s going to shovel?  I already knew the answer to that question… my husband, of course.  In this market, that really was the only thing to stress over.  Over one hundred buyers later and a very wet front entrance, we had seven really good offers. Naturally, the sellers accepted the highest offer.  They’re happy. But what about the other offers and, let’s face it, all the other buyers.  Most of them didn’t put in an offer for fear they’ll get to get into a bidding war.  Their dreams are being hijacked by low inventory and offers that are above asking price.  How do they win?  Well, it’s not for the faint of heart, but here’s what I’m telling my buyers…

  1. Be prepared to waive some of your contingencies… WHAT?!  I know *crazy* but waiving your home inspection or finance contingency is an immediate competitive edge.
  2. Be prepared to write your best and final offer right away… Everyone else is.
  3. Be prepared to rent an apartment or worse, move in with your parents because it might take a while.

I go through these strategies and more with any new buyer to really scare them to death.  If they still want to buy after that, I’m going the distance for them because it truly is a good time to buy.

Kristy B.

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