No more guessing what’s happening in your neighborhood

The sign goes up, the cars start driving by.  You’re not “thinking” of selling, but you still are dying to know… “What is my neighbor’s house listed for?” For years you’ve been relying on that guy down the street who’s always home and knows everyone’s business, or tried searching the address on a website.

Finding out this information seems easier than ever if you have access to the internet, but are these sites reliable?  You can have access to this without relying on that guy or less reliable sites. Sign up on to find out the real value of homes in your neighborhood.* I’ll let you know when a nearby house goes up for sale, and what it is listing for.

You can know what that guy down the street knows, and still hold a job!

* Your email will not be used or sold for marketing purposes.  This is a no obligation FREE service.  Simply save your address in the search criteria to receive updates on real estate happenings in your neighborhood.

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