Small Kitchen Strategies

You can’t swing a cat and not find a home decorating program that shows an immense kitchen getting a stylish reno. Clearly, those episodes are not shot in New England! In this land of 100 year-old houses, you may not get the square footage you find in other parts of the country. Instead, you have to be selective about where you put your money.small kitchen with bar. High ceilings, wood floor

And there are ways to make your small kitchen really pack a punch. Banquettes can give you an eat-in-kitchen AND storage. Major bang for your buck.

a banquette with storage in traditional kitchen

Minor changes like increasing counter depth or extending the cabinetry to the ceiling can gain precious inches. New gliding cabinet systems, installed after the cabinetry, can make the space you have even more useful.

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In a tiny kitchen, renovate by adding what square footage you can and making the rest really count. You’ll be buying less counter-top so upmarket it. Same for the hardware and flooring. If you can’t go big, go luxe!


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