Maybe all you see right now is horrible wallpaper and carpet that would be sketchy even without the DNA stains…But don’t be THAT buyer!

Welcome to Home of the Week. Every week I’ll feature a different home for sale. Each Home of the Week is carefully selected based on its value, not its appeal (although some of them could be very cute).  These properties truly are a “best buy”.

Don’t necessarily fall for the cosmetics.  Buying smart is buying good location, flow, light, amenities, and space for the price.  If you can see past clutter and outdated decorating, you stand a good chance to buy into property with more equity once you’ve done some cosmetic overhauls.   The quintessential “Little Old Lady House” may have shag carpet, eagle wallpaper, and older kitchens and baths.  But it may also have a new roof and heating system and many valuable amenities like a fireplace, garage and nice yard, which would be expensive or impossible to install. Painting of the rooms and floor refinishing won’t cost you much but will increase the value of the house tremendously. (My All-Stars can make short work of that “to-do” list. Just ask me!)

Get the Real Estate Skinny on the House of the Week, every week!

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