February Reports Now Available

Ever wish you had a crystal ball to look into the future of real estate? Well here is the closest thing!

Check out my Monthly Market Trend Reports which will show you critical monthly reports which help to forecast market trends for the coming year. Should you wish to learning more about your local market or town, I would be glad to set up a meeting to discuss some of my great market data.

February Trends
Months of Inventory

It is important to know that 5 months of inventory is considered a stable and balanced market.

Absorption Rates

This chart indicates the direction of the market and shows a percentage of how many properties are being absorbed (sold) out of how many active properties are on the market. To simply interpret this information, a balanced market is an 18-22% absorption rate. When absorption rates dip below 10% the market prices are plummeting. What absorption rates are between 10-16% the market is soft.

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