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Have a question about Real Estate, your community or market trends?
Join me each Thursday when your questions will be answered!

Whether I’m at a party, playdate or the supermarket, I’m typically asked the same questions — How is the market?  Is it a good time to buy?  How much do you think my house is worth?  I quickly realized that it’s not just active buyers and sellers that are curious… everyone wants to know how the Real Estate market is affecting them.  This is what inspired me to to create this new series on my blog.  Throughout the week I will compile a few questions that I am asked and answer them here on the blog so you have them to always refer to.

Here’s how we are going to do it…..

  • You can leave a comment on the blog (under any post)


  • You can email me by clicking the snazzy email button in the right hand column of the blog.

Submit your questions today!  It will be totally anonymous.  Need more resources?  Visit my website to download FREE market trends reports!

Kristy B.
Your Neighborhood Realtor

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