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“Love makes a house a home” ~unknown

Being a Realtor and marketing  properties involves how I present the community to  potential buyers.   It is my responsibility not only to maximize the great features of a home, but also to let buyers know about the great qualities of the community, schools, local parks, etc.

Here are a few resources to help you make your community home as well.

Medford Family Network
Marie Cassidy ~ 781.393.2106

North Suburban Family Network
Melrose, Stoneham and Wakefield
Franklin School
~ 781.662.2722

Malden Everett Family Network

YMCA of Malden ~ 781.324.7680

YMCA of Reading ~ 781.944.9620

YMCA of Melrose ~ 781.324.7680

YMCA of Woburn ~ 781.324.7680

Arlington Boys and Girls Club ~ 781.648.1617

Medford Boys and Girls Club ~ 781.391.3619

Stoneham Boys and Girls Club ~ 781.438.6770

Parents of Tots Wakefield ~ 781.246.6300

Arlington Public Schools

Malden Public Schools

Medford Public Schools

Melrose Public School

Reading Public Schools

Stoneham Public Schools

Wakefield Public School

Woburn Public Schools

Local News

     Arlington Patch     

     Malden Patch

Medford Patch

 Medford Transcript

     Woburn Patch

      Wicked Local

For more information or to add a resource to this list, please contact me.

Kristy B.
Your Neighborhood Realtor

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