My very first client Video Testimonial

I’m so excited to share my first video testimonial! I’m getting much better with YouTube… I typed “utube” as the url on my first attempt! I even have my own page name titled Real Estate Skinny, naturally. Check it out for more videos…

In the meantime, meet Sarah and Aldo! I went to Medford High School with Sarah and we reconnected on FB (don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t find business through social networking!) I love working with great people and Sarah, Aldo and their two adorable children, who now refer to me as Auntie Kristy, were truly awesome. They knew what they wanted and what they could afford. Yes, we did run, screaming from a few properties that did not fit their criteria (i.e. they were just gross), but once they found “the one” they were totally focused and organized… my kinda people.

They were gracious enough to do this video for me… hope you enjoy it!

Kristy B.
Your Neighborhood Realtor

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