The Right Time to Sell… Is Now!

Common practice is to “wait ’til spring” to list a home for sale. But today’s real estate market is anything but common, and if you’re planning to sell your home, there are many reasons to consider an uncommon approach. In the winter months, sellers may benefit from:

An improved buying position. When you sell during the winter months, you have the opportunity to buy during the spring, when more homes are on the market. You might even be able to stay in your home for awhile by arranging for a delayed closing.
More serious prospects. you may have fewer showing — due to the weather, the holidays, or your personal family events — but your prospects will be more qualified and motivated. Winter prospects are more serious buyers; open houses see far fewer Sunday drivers dropping by.
Decreased competition for buyers. Even in this depressed market, people are still relocating, outgrowing their homes, or downsizing. In fact, January is traditionally the biggest corporate transfer month, and many of those buyers can’t afford to wait until the spring to buy. By listing now, you’ll beat the majority of sellers to the punch.
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