When is it fair to negotiate on the home inspection?

You’ve just hired an expert to pick your new home apart top to bottom. Be mentally prepared in advance for how tough the news will inevitably be. It is fair to negotiate on anything that comes up that is serious (that would cost more than $1000 to fix) that you could not have anticipated from viewing the house or reading the seller’s description of property providing that a home inspector deems the work necessary to do “immediately.” If a roof was found to be leaking or a heating system would need to be replaced immediately because of a crack, or if termites (not just old termite damage) or pest damage needs to be treated and the structure repaired, these items would qualify as “serious, expensive, need to be done immediately, and items that the buyer could not have known about when making an offer.” This does not cover an ancient heating system or roof that your home inspector will tell you is at end of life, because those items are like an 80-year old man, they could expire tomorrow or last another 15 years. Use your eyes when you view the home: you can tell that a heating system is old or that a roof has a lot of wear when it is curled. Know that when you make your offer those items will probably need replacement in the near future. Please contact me for more information like this and to see how I can simplify the buying process for you! 781-479-4066

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