How long will it take to find the right property?

I get asked this question quite often, but what buyers really want to know is ~ How do I know if THIS is the right property… That depends on your karma. You could find a fantastic house the first day, or it may take months. Ask yourself; are you ready to pull the trigger if you find something right away? I see buyers who find a good house, and then pass because it was so easy to find so fast, and then search for that house for the next 18 months!

Now let me ask you… Are you ready to buy if a home speaks to you? According to the Massachusetts Association of Homebuyers, the average homebuyer in Massachusetts, because they know the market so well through the internet, takes 10 weeks in their search and views 11 properties. How long will it take you? That depends on what sites you are using to search for properties and how carefully you choose a buyer agent. Please contact me and see how I can simplify the buying process for you! 781-479-4066

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