Before/After Kitchen

Really, the goal was so simple… to make the appliances and countertops pop. With everything so monotone, nothing really stood out and it was all very blah. For less than $100, we created a more visually pleasing space which in turn attracted more buyers (eight offers to be exact!)
Painted Cabinets: BM* Revere Pewter
Staged with pops of lime green color
Added a cafe table to sell it as an eat in kitchen!
*Benjamin Moore
Comment below for more information on how we did it, how much it cost or how I can help you do something similar!

Let’s Give Back Together…

Helping families is what I do for a living. Selling a home ranks among one of the most important experiences someone can have and it should be fun and rewarding. In that spirit, should you choose me to represent you as your Realtor the next time you’re selling a home, a donation to one of the following organizations will be made in your name upon the closing:

The Medford Family Network (MFN) is a family support and parenting education program that is available to every child and caregiver who lives or works in Medford with at least one child prenatal through age seven.

Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Simply put, the mission of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is to eradicate breast cancer by advancing research, screening, care and education. Their vision is a world without breast cancer.

Children’s Miracle Network. The Children’s Miracle Network’s goal is to help as many children as possible by raising funds and awareness for local children’s hospitals. Donations stay local so any contributions from us will go directly to Boston Children’s Hospital.

I look forward to working with you and to helping give back to a worthy cause that gives so much. I appreciate the trust that you have in me to help you navigate the nuances of successfully marketing and selling a home. This is just one of the ways that we can work together to make a difference.

Kristy B.

“Welcome to our Home” Chalkboard

Have to share because, seriously… this is so adorable and won the hearts of so many buyers at my open house. Creating a welcoming living space like this doesn’t have to be expensive, just some chalk paint and chalk. Choose a wall that’s not a focal point; but rather a hidden gem like under a staircase or, in this case, a wall in a room that can’t be seen from it’s entrance. While the idea of a charming, hand-drawn chalkboard sounds nice, let’s be honest, the kids are going to scribble all over your beautifully written words before you get your first offer! Now who’s ready to buy this home?!


Before/After Front Entryway


Painted the walls: BM* Wish (my new favorite color!);
Painted trim white;
Replaced blind with single white sheer curtain. Not pictured, but very pretty;
Staged empty dark entryway to look and feel like useable space with a small desk, chair and accessories.

*Benjamin Moore

Comment below for more information on how we did it, how much it cost or how I can help you do something similar!

Love Letters to Buyers… yes, buyers!

Love letters are not just for buyers trying to make their offer standout in competition; they’re also useful when marketing a property for sale. Before putting a property on the market, I give sellers “homework” (big meany). These assignments are things like finding extra keys or organizing files on services contracts and providers. Added to this list is a request to write a “love letter to buyers”. What is this? It’s a letter from your heart detailing all the reasons you’ve loved living in your home. Potential buyers LOVE to hear about the nearby parks, BBQs with neighbors, and local eateries. It’s also a great opportunity to positively highlight something that may be less desirable to a buyer, otherwise known as functional obsolescence. For example: You may want to comment on how much you’ve enjoyed the peaceful, fenced yard; if you live on a busy street or how about the convenience of walking to parks and downtown; if you have no yard.

No matter what it is that you want to share about your home, it should be authentic and speak to your target market. If you’re selling a home with four bedrooms, your buyers are likely to have children so calling attention to the relationships that you’ve created with other families will mean something to them. Writing about the updates to your home is a must, but communicating how they’ve made life easier or more enjoyable creates value.

Click here for some samples of Love Letters to Buyers written by some of my most talented sellers!

photo credit #jenbolithophotography

Epoxy Magic

Since starting my before/after posts I’ve had so many questions about epoxy paint on tile. Here’s why it works and how it’s magic. Painting or reglazing existing tile is way more affordable than replacing it and good luck trying to find a contractor to re-tile (if you’re out there… call meeeee). Use epoxy paint if your pepto-bismol pink tile is giving you a stomach ace; if your tub and tile are in good condition, but need an aesthetic makeover; if you can’t yet afford the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams or, and especially, if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive update to sell your home.

Epoxy paint compared to regular old paint is harder, lasts longer and is weather resistant. Standard paints are easier to apply
so you may be temped to save money and skip epoxy; don’t.  The most common room to apply it in is the bathroom where water and steam live. Even if you are preparing to sell, it’s a complete waste of time and money. The result of epoxy paint is magic. An instant update. The transformation is so bright and clean you may need to re-accessorize and why not with all the extra money you’ll have!

Always call a professional, but if the budget or job is small (like a kitchen sink or a small patch in a tub) a DIY is totally doable.  Most pre packaged kits are available at any local hardware store. Be prepared for the amount of prep work involved and carefully clean grout. If selling a home, I always recommend white or something light but there are lots of colors to have fun with.

Here is a before/after kitchen with epoxy paint. Share some of your favorite reglazing projects!


Making Lemonade

Last night was the RE/MAX awards ceremony… The Real Estate Oscars. A fabulous black tie event at the Seaport Hotel with the promise of delicious food and lots of champagne! I was dressed and ready for my ride when it happened; the dreaded stomach pains. The same unexplainable pains I’ve been suffering from for the last 4 1/2 weeks. Well, today the mystery was solved with the news that I have Celiac Disease. So, yeah me! Gluten Free Forever! I’m sure going to miss the convenience of gluten and the pizza, pasta, cupcakes, cookies (did I say cookies?!) but I can’t wait to feel better again.

And even though I felt like I missed the prom last night, my happiness was restored when my work BFFs sent me this picture from the event. A reminder of how proud I should be of my accomplishments and thankful for the world’s best clients, friends, family and colleagues who have been the driving force behind my successful Real Estate career. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have such an amazing profession that brings me happiness year after year.

2016 was a tremendous year and 2017 will be even better! Lemons into lemonade! Those are gluten free, right?!


Before/After Exterior

I can’t take any credit for this transformation because it’s my brother’s handy work.  He’s excellent at helping me make things beautiful and recently did this for a friend of his.  I’m loving it so much I had to share!

WHAT HE DID (this is all… really!)
Power washed the exterior vinyl siding;
Removed existing shutters, power washed and painted them BM* Admiral Blue


How much do you love this Admiral Blue color by *Benjamin Moore?!
I’m picturing it on an exterior door, as a window box color, a statement wall in a master bedroom and on any piece of furniture that needs a style update!

Before/After Living Room


Painted: BM* Revere Pewter;
Removed large cabinet and side chairs;
Changed the area rug;
Changed to white curtains;
Swapped out framed picture for mirror (Home Goods);
Added fresh flowers, throw pillows, new lamps and new side chairs (all from Home Good);
Sold as a “blend of formal and casual living with great light and good energy”.

*Benjamin Moore
For more information on how we did it, how much it cost or how I can help you do something similar give me a shout!

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Ahhh… The nosy neighbor.  You know the one.  As soon as she sees the ‘For Sale’ sign going up, she’s running to the computer to see the price and then letting everyone know her opinion on it. By the way, we love this neighbor. I mean…she is spreading the word!!  I’ve found that your neighbors are likely to go to work immediately letting everyone they know about the new home for sale across the street.

In fact, we want all the neighbors spreading the word so why not invite them to a private pre-open house for a “sneak peek”. Make it special! Serve champagne and sweets!

It’s grassroot marketing. 100-150 beautiful invitations with a professional picture of your home on the front and more listing information on the back is a unique way to introduce the property to the community. For starters, they want to see the house.  They want to determine the value of their home by comparing it to yours and… they’re nosy! As a Realtor, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and who better to ask?  Your Neighbors. Provided they are nice and saying only nice things 🙂 Lastly, it separates your home from others.  It says it’s worth a look and it’s worth the extra money!